YP Awards Application

Nomination Guidelines and Form for the Aret Adams Award

The NAPE YP Distinguished Service Award is given in recognition of meaningful and outstanding service to NAPE Active Member of the Association under the age of forty (40) years, with not more than ten (10) years’ working experience in the geosciences. The recipient must be financially up to date (proof of consistent payment of annual dues for a sustained minimum period of 5 years shall be required) and should have demonstrated enthusiastic participation, organizational creativity, leadership and passion for the activities of the Association. He/she must have served in a volunteer position(s) within the Association or the larger society, for a minimum period of four (4) years.

He/she must have assisted the YP Committee in meeting their objectives, including, but not limited to retention of students, collaboration with the local societies to establish greater continuity between Student and YP chapters and the local affiliated society, recruitment of new members, appointments to committees and encouragement/guidance into leadership positions within NAPE.

Submitting Nomination Forms: 

  • All applications for NAPE fellowship award are to be made on standard templates provided by the HAC and shall be completed online in accordance with the instructions contained therein.
  • Attach supporting documentation, such as the nominee’s curriculum vitae, in line with the criteria for the award concerned
  • Individuals may submit a nomination form on behalf of themselves or on behalf of others. Anyone previously nominated may re-enter.
  • Applicants are to advise their sponsors to respond to the email seeking their reference within the time frame specified in the request.
  • Applications or endorsements received after June 30th, 2024, shall be deemed invalid.
  • Upon receipt, applications become the property of NAPE and will not be returned to applicants.
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