Fellowship Application

Nomination Guidelines and Form for the NAPE Fellowship

The NAPE Fellowship is a distinguished honour given in recognition of professionalism and service to the Association. The Award honours NAPE Active members who have distinguished themselves by their long-term service and devotion to the science and profession of petroleum geology and to the Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE). 

Fellows are expected to continue their active membership and exemplary service to the Association after their award, including the payment of membership dues (until such person becomes an Emeritus member) and participation in NAPE events.

Submitting Nomination Forms for NAPE Fellowship: 

  • All applications for NAPE fellowship award are to be made on standard templates provided by the HAC and shall be completed online in accordance with the instructions contained therein.
  • Attach supporting documentation, such as the nominee’s curriculum vitae, in line with the criteria for the award concerned.
  • Individuals may submit a nomination form on behalf of themselves or on behalf of others. Anyone previously nominated may re-enter.
  • Applications or endorsements received after June 30th, 2024, shall be deemed invalid.
  • Upon receipt, applications become the property of NAPE and will not be returned to applicants.
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