Attention! Election Nomination Extension

The NAPE election nomination submission has now been extended till Friday 31 May, 2024 to give room for more participation.

Due to the low level of participation in the nomination process and lack of interest shown by NAPE members, the Executive Committee of our association has approved the extension of the submission date to increase members’ participation.
This year, the electoral committee has gone to great lengths to ensure that everyone who nominates himself or herself for any of the various posts has a level playing field. Please use the remaining 15 (Fifteen) days to actively nominate yourself or your chosen candidates.

NAPE officers are elected through an election process by the membership and each position serves a two-year term, except the President-Elect.
We are seeking candidates who are available and a good fit for moving our association to the next growth level.
Election Process:                                                                       Due By *
Announcement of 2023/2024 NAPE Elections                           March  28
Distribution of Nomination forms to members                           March  28
Return of completed nomination forms to NAPE Secretariat     May     31
Publication of list of candidates for elective offices                   August 1
Start of campaigning by successful candidates                           August 1
Presentation of Candidates                                                          August 1 –  31
Voting begins                                                                              September 1
Voting ends                                                                                 October 15
* All dates 2024
Dates are subject to change, according to the Electoral Committee.
 The positions open for eligible members of the association are listed below, followed by the eligibility criteria for various positions.
Election Guidelines:
1. All candidates vying for any elective position must satisfy the following conditions.
a) An Active member of the Association for at least five (5) years.
b) Be financially up to date.
c) Have made contributions to the activities and programs of the Association in the last two (2) years.
d) Be a member in good standing. Must not have been indicted by the association or any court of law; arbitration or judicial panel for any offense or gross misconduct or for any criminal offense or professional misconduct.
e) The nomination form must be endorsed by three (3) Active members of the Association in good financial standing, at least one (1) of whom must be a Fellow of the Association or an Aret Adams Awardee.
f) Candidates or Nominees for the Executive Committee Offices may reside in Lagos or outside Lagos with the means to facilitate his/her attendance of at least eighty percent (80%)  of all scheduled meetings either physically or through acceptable means such as video or teleconferencing.
2. Candidates for the position of President-Elect must satisfy the following conditions in addition to the general conditions stated in No. 1 above 
a) Must be an Active Member of the Association for at least fifteen (15) years and must not be less than forty (40) years of age at the time of seeking the nomination.
b) Must have served the Association actively and meritoriously in other capacities as a member of the Executive Committee at a national level with a good knowledge of the Association.
c) Must have served the Association meritoriously in the last five (5) years in Committees or sub-Committees or ad-hoc committees of the Association.
d) Must be able to demonstrate integrity, good moral character, and personality.
e) Must have attained at least a managerial position (or equivalent) in the affiliated institution in line with the membership provision of the Association.
f) Must show evidence of good people management skills, competence, and leadership abilities.
g) Must demonstrate at least a basic understanding of financial and business management practices and be financially prudent.
h) Must be technically experienced and be professionally recognized in the industry with a good sphere of influence.
i) The nomination form must be endorsed by five (5) Active members of the Association who are in good financial standing, of which at least three (3) must be Fellows of the Association or Aret Adams awardees or members of the Advisory Council or members of the Board of Trustees.
3. A candidate can nominate him/herself but must be duly sponsored as in items 1&2 above.
4. Candidate’s willingness to serve must be confirmed by his/her endorsement of the nomination form.
5. All communication on this electoral process shall, as much as possible, be by electronic media. All nominees/candidates should ensure their address(es) is/are properly registered in the NAPE database and that they check their incoming mail regularly.
6. Voting should, as much as possible, be done via the online e-voting platform. PAPER BALLOTS ARE NOT THE PREFERRED OPTION and should only be used in exceptional cases. Ballot papers will be issued only on request.
7. Election results will be announced at the AGM scheduled during the 2024 Annual International Conference & Exhibitions of the Association.
Kindly follow the links below to download the Nomination Form and NAPE Constitution for more information on eligibility requirements for each position:

For the 2024 Election Nomination Form, Click Here
For the Amended NAPE Constitution, Click Here

All completed forms should be sent by email to the NAPE Technical/Membership Officer: Abieyuwa Ogbebor | and cc: The 2024 NAPE Electoral Committee Chairman: Goodluck Adagbasa |
The electoral committee solicits the active participation of all members of this great association to ensure that this process produces a robust pool of candidates for the various positions that can take the association to greater heights.
Thank you and best regards,
Goodluck Adagbasa
Chairman, 2024 NAPE Electoral Committee

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